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When I signed up for my first marathon training program I was fortunate enough to have Eve as my Coach. I was 59 years old and hadn't run in over 40 years. She was knowledgeable, supportive, friendly, enthusiastic, and joyful. I did so well in my first marathon in Las Vegas in 2007 I signed up for her Advanced Program to train for the San Francisco Marathon in 2008. In both races she was out on the course being a total cheerleader. She loves coaching and it really shows. My results were amazing all because of her specialized training. I highly recommend her for beginners and all levels of experience.  I have now completed 9 marathons and 6 half marathons. Eve has made a big difference in my life, and will forever be my Virtual Coach.  

                      ~ Frank B. Tingley 

I first met Coach Eve training for my first marathon - the Florence Marathon in 2007.  She was the coach for a site of approximately 80 runners, all of different levels.  At the start all of us wondered how in months we would be able to run 26 miles.  But we did it.  And it was amazing!  Her enthusiasm is the first thing one notices about Eve.  That and the direction and experience and knowledge she has to impart.  You just feel you are in good hands.

I've gone on to run 2 more full marathons as well as half marathons, trail races and smaller events.  And I've ended up remaining in touch with Coach Eve as well as other amazing friends I met throughout training.  Several of us would be training buddies now and then and even support each other at races we had trained for later on.  

And btw, I wholly encourage anyone "thinking" about doing one -especially if you've been thinking about it 'a long time' ;) to start.  Just show up.  The confidence and life affirming lessons you will gain will be life changing, and you meet amazing people along the way!  Plus you get the added health and fitness benefits -& yes you will look better in your jeans too :)

I can't stress how much it meant to me personally to have her as a coach.  I was very lucky.  There have been many times during training or running a race her confidence in my ability has helped push me on to the finish line.  There have been times I would think, “Well if Eve thinks I can do it, I guess I can do it.”  And I would! 

Hers is a gift she is naturally born to I think, to encourage and support others and share what she knows, including the joy of the sport.  She will also be there with unparalleled enthusiasm and your triumphs I think are really her greatest reward.

                               ~ Sharon K.

I personally had the pleasure of meeting Coach Eve while training for the Florence Marathon. I had never done anything like this before!!!!!!!!   Coach Eve was always upbeat, caring full of info and most of all, wanting to see her runners succeed as much as we did ourselves. WOW.  We knew every week as we struggled, we had the best by our sides, literally.  She would pop up right next to you and make sure you were ok and feeling good. 

On the great day of the marathon, as I struggled one more time, guess who popped up one more time to make sure I and several others finished. I will always remember her happy face, strong will to keep going, positive attitude, and her face cheering us home.           

I hope that you have the same fortune as I had meeting, A TRUE COACH, with a huge heart who truly cares for her runners and loves and lives the sport. I could not have achieved my goal without her leadership and determination for me to be a winner. 

 ~ Cindy Flickinger

I trained for my very first marathon in 2006. I was 23 years old and had no idea what I was doing or even where to begin - until i met Coach Eve.  There are many people who say they love to run. Maybe even some who say they are passionate about it. But the fire and drive that Coach Eve has is unsurpassed and when combined with a nurturing and natural skill in teaching/training others, the product is nothing short of magic. Eve was instrumental, not only in helping me train for my first marathon, but also in igniting my own passion for running and training for long distance races. I went on to run a total of 5 full marathons and 2 half marathons. She has my highest recommendation and I consider it a high honor and blessing to have her as a coach, cheerleader, and friend.    

  ~ Patrick Aquino